Victoria is a Manchester based, female confidence coach & mentor. Victoria uses her social platforms to inspire her ever growing and loyal female following, speaking about her eating disorder, and since her recovery, becoming an advocate for body confidence and mental health awareness, which led Victoria to create, ‘The Glow Up Project’ which aims to inspire women to understand that the real glow up is all within us.

Victoria is on a mission to empower women through social media, trying to change the mindset of women to view their bodies, no matter shape or size in a positive way, which is why the BBC commission the ‘Fit & Fearless’ podcast which is co-hosted by Vic.

Due to Victoria’s authentic messaging and honest approach to body confidence, self acceptance and love, she has become a firm brand favourite, working with Global Brands including Lucozade Sport, Under Armour, St.Tropez and Amazon to name a few.

Victoria has been quietly working on ’The Glow Up Project’ to turn this into physical self-help tools with a journal being released later in 2021