Sarah (@studyholmes) is a London based content creator whose journey with social media started as a pursuit for academic excellence at a time when the studying was… rough, to say the least. Since then, she’s powered through six years of university and has come out the other side with a master’s in forensic medical sciences and a medical degree. Throughout it all she’s inspired and motivated students of all ages to chase their own goals through the power of education.

Since starting out fresh as a doctor in the NHS, her content has continued to motivate others to work hard for their goals. She shares her drive to developing her career by sharing snippets of work in and out of the hospital and the day-to-day of a doctor in a struggling system. It’s no easy profession, and Sarah believes in recognising and sharing the importance of self-care and wellbeing. Sarah’s content motivates others to become the best version of themselves, with a focus on mindset, self-development, and building healthy habits.