Meet Cheape also known as Stephanie CHEAPE, the fiery-haired Scottish artist turned influencer who has amassed an incredible following on social media with her captivating musings on the life of a singer in the northern realms.

In just a year, she has won the hearts of over 350 thousand fans, utilising her platform to share invaluable advice for fellow redheads, standing against bullying, unveiling the breathtaking beauty of Scotland, mental health awareness, showcasing her unwavering passion for creating music & much more.

Through my journey in the Music Industry from selling out iconic venues such as King Tuts, The Barrowlands, playing Trnsmt Festival, Belladrum, touring the country supporting the likes of the Human league, Bryan ferry, New Order, reaching a number 2 spot in the charts in 2020, influencing came almost accidentally as I showed more of my personality on TikTok and together with the world I realised the importance of authenticity & vulnerability which is why I believe so many have connected with my channel, focusing on moments of escapism and bringing people from all over the world together.