Lottie Drynan is best known for her “bloat friendly wardrobe” and first began her online journey sharing her struggles with IBS, anxiety and an eating disorder. Realising that there was a whole community of women who lived with chronic illnesses and battled with bloating, body image and everything in-between, Lottie made it her passion to provide support and uplifting messaging to her online audience to show others they’re not alone.

Lottie’s open and honest approach to women’s health has enabled her to create a safe space and loyal community where there’s “no such thing as too much information”.  The heart of her content revolves around empowering women to better understand their bodies and feel good within themselves.

In 2018, Lottie created the hashtag #mybloatedwardrobe and it soon became viral, being used by thousands globally, highlighting a fun approach to finding clothes that make you feel both comfortable and confident.

Seeing the success of her authentic messaging and values, Lottie saw a huge increase in her social media following, which led to her confidently turning her passion into a business, leaving her job and launching ‘You’ve Gut This’; bringing a community to over 250,000 combined followers, including a private Facebook support group with monthly events. Just a few months later Lottie self-funded and released a wellness journal that sold out of pre-sale copies within two hours and has since been shipped to over 6,000 loyal followers.

Winning ‘Chronic Illness Blogger of the Year’ in 2020, featuring on national radio, multiple podcasts and events Lottie has every bit of passion and energy needed to help women feel better in their bodies and minds. Lottie has no intention of slowing down in 2021!