Leonie, a passionate digital creator, lives with her husband, son Hendrix and their family pets, in Buckinghamshire. With a keen eye for interior design, photography, a love for the countryside, and a deep connection to family and self-build projects, she has become a leading influencer in the world of lifestyle and home inspiration.

Her journey as a content creator is a reflection of her diverse interests. Leonie not only shares breathtaking glimpses into her beautifully designed interiors but also offers invaluable insights into the art of self-building, nurturing a family, and the joys of countryside living with their beautiful dogs Frankel and Gigi. Her unique perspective extends to her involvement in a horse stud, where she combines her love for equestrian pursuits with her digital creativity.

Through her authenticity, creativity, and passion for sharing her experiences, Leonie continues to inspire and connect with people around the world, making her a sought-after digital creator in the realms of interior design, lifestyle, self-building, family, countryside living, and equestrian pursuits.