Meet Katie Snooks, the unconventional Londoner who’s redefining the city’s lifestyle scene. Katie is all about breaking down barriers, sparking candid conversations, and adding a sprinkle of alternative to your life. With a fearless approach, she delves into topics often kept in the shadows, discussing everything from love, dating, and London’s hidden gems to female empowerment and the art of embracing your true self.

Much like a modern-day agony aunt, Katie opens her heart and mind to her audience, fearlessly tackling any question that comes her way. Her London-centric content, reminiscent of a contemporary Carrie Bradshaw, invites you to step into her world and share yours.

Katie, a self-proclaimed foodie and cocktail connoisseur, treats her followers to her regular IG series ‘Dates with Kate,’ where she embarks on a quest to uncover the city’s best dating spots. From dining in an underground train carriage to savoring Covent Garden’s finest burgers, Katie loves unveiling those hidden gems for her audience’s enjoyment.

But what truly sets Katie apart is her unwavering commitment to authenticity and openness. Her honest approach has not only captured the hearts of her dedicated followers but also the attention of renowned global brands. Katie has collaborated with industry giants like Johnnie Walker, Starbucks, Lovehoney, TfL, Skin&Me, and Edinburgh Gin.

In addition to her captivating content, Katie’s impactful 2017 BBC documentary on acne explored its profound effects on confidence, showcasing her dedication to meaningful storytelling. Join Katie Snooks as she continues to redefine London living, one candid conversation at a time.