With her background in graphic design and marketing, Gemma has always had a creative flair. Whether it’s styling new outfits, jumping on the latest hair trends, or even coming up with refreshing new content, Gemma’s passion has always been about bringing creative concepts to reality. She advocates across her platforms for diversity, particularly highlighting her limb differences in her daily life, offering a fresh perspective on inclusivity.

Gemma shares not only her successes but also her challenges and everyday experiences, providing her followers with a genuine glimpse into her life. From fashion and hair to cooking, Gemma’s content spans various aspects of daily living. Through her platform, she inspires others by demonstrating that anything is possible.

In addition to collaborating with renowned brands such as Tangle Teezer, Schuh, Zalando, and ASOS, Gemma’s passion lies within this space. She has built a wonderful, ever-growing online community, and she continually creates more creative content day by day.