Amina Bham is an upcoming content creator on Instagram and TikTok. She is based in West Yorkshire and specialises in creating content inspiring women to dress stylish and fashionable whilst looking modest. Amina started her content creating journey in January 2021 and her page has attracted so much love and support from women who can relate to Amina. Amina comes from an immigrant South Asian background and always shares her fun and delicious recipes on her Instagram page. Her family sometimes steal the show on her reels and TikTok videos with her mum, sister and husband being a part of her content too. Her Instagram stories are full of feel good content showing her busy life behind the camera as she navigates her way through her mid 20s creating content, spending time with her family, being a wife and also working part time as an Optometrist. She enjoys bringing her audience along her journey and feels that her followers are more like her friends than anything else.