The Evolution of Trust

The Evolution of Trust

What is it:
The Evolution of Trust is “an interactive guide to the game theory of why & how we trust each other”, according to the creator. It’s a game, of sorts, but even more it’s a deep and rich, yet simple and easy learning interface, that teaches concepts about psychology, specifically the concepts used in the AIs in games. It’s unique, and I would recommend it to anyone, child or adult. The experience begins with a demonstration of “The Prisoner’s Dilemma”, which is a standard Psych 101 topic, but it then goes into a much deeper exploration of that concept.

Who is it for:
I would guess the target audience for The Evolution of Trust would be adults or teenagers.

There is quite a lot of reading, and some of the concepts are more than young kids could wrap their brains around, I’d suggest kids at least 9 should try it.

What Kids Like:
The interface is approachable (usually just a single button to click at any moment, with simple choices) and fun and funny.

What Parents Like:
I found the experience fascinating and very informative, and I like that kids have a chance to be exposed to the kinds of concepts they would otherwise have to wait until college to see.

What the Critics Think:
A glowing review at Clearer Thinking

And one at The Alternative

And a write-up on Medium by Nathan Kinch

Who Made it / History:
The Evolution of Trust was made by
Nicky Case and released in July 2017.

Where Can I Get it:
The game has been posted to lots of ad-based game aggregators, but you can try it on the creator’s site, at