The Week Junior

The Week Junior

What is it:
The Week Junior is a weekly print magazine covering news and culture, aimed at kids aged 8-14. There are two versions, for UK and American audiences.

Who is it for:
Kids who are good readers and are curious about events around the world.

What Kids Like:
Kids like the variety of a news magazine, with a little about politics, nature, technology, along with puzzles.
They also like the way the news items are explained in a way they can more easily understand.
And in this digital, everything-on-demand age, it’s a treat to have something that arrives in the mail. For them, that kind of thing is a real novelty.
There’s also a annual puzzle book that comes with the subscription, and that’s been popular.

What Parents Like:
I like the editorial language used in the magazine. It can cover a topic (such as Ukraine) in a way that is thorough but not overly complex, and simple but not pandering or simplistic.
It’s nice to have a non-digital source of information, particularly on car rides or doing things such as waiting at the dentists.
The price ends up being about $2, which isn’t too bad considering the amount of enjoyment the kids get. And the issues are full enough that we keep them around to be re-read.
It also can be a good gift.

What the Critics Think:
Not sure how unbiased this is, but I found someone’s review

Who Made it:
The Week Junior is the kids’ version of The Week magazine, which is an aggregator of summaries taken from other news magazines. The publisher is Future plc, a British media company that publishes 50 magazines covering a variety of fields. Future plc

I’ve not found an archive, but The Week Junior seems to have been around since 2016 or so. There is a UK version as well.

Where Can I Get it:
You can get more a sense of what to expect from The Week Junior website where you can subscribe.