What is it:

Flickgame is a very stripped-down interface for creating very stripped-down ‘games’, or at least, interactive experiences.

Who is it for:

Flickgame is for kids who are curious about making games but aren’t quite ready for interfaces such as MIT’s Scratch. Flickgame is also for people who want to very quickly sketch out an idea, usually just for fun, rather than as an actual prototype.

What Kids Like:

Kids like that you don’t really need to know anything to get started. The instructions are about a paragraph long. You just need to scribble some images and select clickable areas.

What Parents Like:
Unity is the dominant format for game creation these days, but the interface is so overwhelmingly complicated, that kids who are curious about coding and making games get frustrated and give up on the idea.

Flickgame bypasses all the complexity and lowers the standards to make the act of creation fun again, instead of work.

For what it’s trying to do, it’s great. I can imagine other features that might allow the creation of more complex projects, but that would make Flickgame itself more complex, which would go against its inital purpose.

Who Made it:
Flickgame was made by increpare

From Wikipedia:

Increpare Games Ltd is a British video game developer based in London, founded and operated by Stephen Lavelle. Lavelle uses the pseudonym “Increpare”, the Latin word for “rebuke”.[1] Lavelle has released over 425 games since 2004, mostly small freeware games and often at the rate of several projects per month. With 178 games released between 2008 and 2014, Lavelle was named the “most prolific independent game developer” in the 2016 iteration of the Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition.[2] Notable commercial releases include English Country Tune (2011) and Stephen’s Sausage Roll (2016).[3][4] In October 2013, Lavelle released PuzzleScript, an open-source scripting language for puzzle video games made in HTML5.[5][6]

Lavelle released Flickgame in 2015 and curious game developers have since posted games on tumblr and itch.io.

Flickgame is nowhere near as popular as Lavelle’s other creation project, Puzzlescript, but it’s still a fun and novel tool to play around with.

Where Can I Get it:

Flickgame is as at https://www.flickgame.org/