My Singing Monsters

What is it:

My Singing Monsters is a game where the player collects and breeds monsters, each of which sings different sounds. Monsters’ voices combine to create unique songs. Players can edit the songs of more advanced monsters.

Who is it for:

My Singing Monsters is simple enough that kids as young as 4 can play and enjoy it, but the musical composition aspect makes the game interesting for much older kids as well. Kids with musical ability and/or curiosity would enjoy the game, but the game is fun even for those who don’t care about the musical aspect.

What Kids Like:

They like the ‘breeding’ aspect of combining monsters to create new ones. They like the feature that lets them hear other players’ compositions, which are often popular songs (Imagine Dragons, AC/DC) as played by the singing monsters.

What Parents Like:

The seamless counterpoint of the monsters singing together is a great way for kids to develop a musical sense. I’ve never seen this kind of thing in another game.

The game is free. The makers of the game (Big Blue Bubble) earn most revenue through optional in-app purchases, but kids can have plenty of fun without spending any money. There are ads, but they are not as intrusive as they often are on free apps.

What the Critics Think:

If Pokémon characters ran off to populate an island and decided to form a choir, it might look (and sound) a little like MY SINGING MONSTERS, a fun and free game for players of all ages. Players breed more than 50 monsters — including two exclusives with the Vita version, named Yawstrich and the G’joob — placing them somewhere on the island and listening as they sing in unison. Collectively they form a catchy song, be it from a two-headed Venus Flytrap-like creature, a three-eyed frog thing, a skinny tree trunk (who does “beatbox” with his voice), or a booming baritone in the form of a tall, white, furry monster. To vary the song, you can mute certain monsters or position the camera with your fingertip over the ones you like best for their parts to sound louder. Game goals include building structures to increase the happiness of your creatures, breeding and hatching certain monsters, building bakeries, and removing unwanted items on the island such as rocks and trees.

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The game is loads of fun. A problem is that the game is dependent on sound, and it can be annoying for parents to hear the same song bits and other sounds, especially when multiple kids are playing the game in the same room.

Who Made it/History:

My Singing Monsters is a 2012 video game franchise developed by Big Blue Bubble and published by Canada Media Fund. The first game of the series was released on September 4, 2012 for Apple iOS. Ports of the game for other touchscreen smartphone operating systems were later released, including versions for Android, Amazon Kindle Fire tablet, Barnes & Noble Nook, and Steam. The game was also released in the portable console PlayStation Vita. Since its release, My Singing Monsters has grown into a multimedia franchise, with a prequel, several spin-off games, books, live events and series, and a board game. On May 12, 2021, Big Blue Bubble announced that the series will be releasing its first console title called “My Singing Monsters: Playground” that is set to release on November 2021.

Big Blue Bubble, Inc. is a Canadian developer, and publisher of mobile video games headquartered in London, Ontario, Canada, with an office in San Francisco, California. The company is best known for the My Singing Monsters mobile game franchise. It was acquired by Swedish company Enad Global 7 on August 27, 2020.


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Where Can I Get it:

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