Geckos Slide and Peek: A Look-and-Find Adventure in Hawai‘i

Geckos Slide and Peek

What is it:

Geckos Slide and Peek is a hidden picture book for young children. The basic idea is similar to that found in “Where’s Waldo” books, but this book is a little easier and the theme is that of cartoon geckos having adventures in Hawaii.

Who is it for:

I don’t know what the optimal age is for hidden picture books, but in our family it’s those between 3 and 5 that are most into it.

What Kids Like:

Every page of Geckos Slide and Peek has lots of details, so even if you’re not finding the items on the list, there is still a lot to discover. Even after going through the book many times, there is always more to see.

What Parents Like:

These kinds of books are a fun alternative to simply reading with a child, particularly when the child wants the same book(s) every evening.

And it’s fun to find the hidden items along with the kids.

Who Made it:

Geckos Slide and Peek is another in a long series of books by illustrator Jon J., Murakami, who is largely unknown on the mainland, but well-known in Hawaii for his syndicated comic strip, “Generation Gap”.

The gecko characters introduced in books like “Geckos Surf” and “Geckos Go to Bed” continue their adventures in this book.

Where Can I Get it:

You can buy the book directly from the author’s website or from a variety of publishers and distributors including Beach House Publishing and Mutual Publishing