Top 10
Track Album
The Road to Mandalay*A Theory of Revolution (2007)
Hot and ColdShade (2002)
Waited for so LongShade (2002)
The Future StinksLemonshade (2004)
Ophelia on the BeachA Theory of Revolution (2007)
Cowboy Robot BluesLemonshade (2004)
Once WasShade (2002)
AngelsShade (2002)
The Last TimeA Theory of Revolution (2007)
FlyShade (2002)
Shade (2002)
Waited for so Long
Coming Down from a Dream
Ginger Beer
Hey, Baby, Hey
Biting Nails
Got it Bad
Hot and Cold
Once Was
Lemonshade (2004)
Go to Bed
Clean Up
The Pooping Song
Are we There Yet?
Cowboy Robot Blues
The Future Stinks
A Theory of Revolution (2007)
Taking the Longer Way Home
You Tonight
The Road to Mandalay*
Ophelia on the Beach
The Way (CG)
Fly (CG)
The Last Time
Good Night
Taking it All Away
Doctor K

Everything © Matt Slaybaugh
* Except the words to "The Road to Mandalay", written by Rudyard Kipling